Wooden Wrap Watch with soaring amber charm - genuine leather red brown strap


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Women's watch

Stainless steel watch with wooden framing. The wood is of the same red-brown color as the genuine leather bracelet.
It is wrapped around your wrist (in whatever way you like).

Attached to the watch is a solid shock resistant glass orb filled with salt water and amber pieces from the Baltic sea.
The amber is constantly floating up and down and to the sides....

Amber is fossilized tree resin - so this charm really makes a great match to the wooden watch.

The watch closes with a silver buckle clasp, so it is adjustable in length and will fit all braces.

It comes with a battery installed ( which is replaceable).
Watch size: around 0,8" (2 cm) in diameter
Watchband wide: 0,3 " (8mm)
Watchband length: adjustable



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